Polymer Clay Tutor Cernit Review – Raw vs. Baked

Video #764: Big thanks to Emeline from Sergent Guimauve, and Elodie from Créomax, for the Cernit clay used in today’s video review.


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In this video I review and share with you my findings on a European polymer clay, call Cernit. It is manufactured in Belgium.

Although this clay has been around for a long time, I finally got the opportunity to test it for myself, thanks to the generosity of two wonderful ladies from France, Emeline and Elodie. Even their names sound wonderful don’t they?

I had more than twenty different colors of Cernit to test, including samples from every series that Cernit carries in their clay line. The series categories are: Number One, Translucent, Neon Light, Nature, Glamour and Shiny.

You will learn about the color shifts between raw and unbaked clay, the translucency of the different colors, the different series carried in the line and the strength of the clay when baked for different lengths of time.

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