Sneak Peek Of My New Polymer Clay Tutor Studio

Video #767: Since Doug has been so busy building our new web site, I decided to tackle this renovation project without his assistance.


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I have been very busy behind the scenes lately, getting my new studio set up… that is when I’m not filming videos, answering emails, writing posts, working on the new website, working with polymer clay, and doing housework.

My friend Diane and I (plus Willow for one night), have been setting aside our usual walking time in the morning to work on this project. We stripped out the carpets, painted the walls and ceiling, installed new lights and flooring, and moved my furniture and storage units into their new home.

Diane and I have been so proud of ourselves doing this project! Both of us have been married a long time to very handy husbands, so basically we have been our husband’s ‘assistants’ in most all of the renovation work around our houses. We had both painted a fair amount, and I had installed lights on my own, but neither of us had ever put in new flooring or really tackled a room by ourselves.

Doug who usually does projects like this with me, is too overloaded with the new website upgrades that I asked my daughter Willow and my friend Diane for their help.

Diane and I were both kind of nervous about doing the floor, but just ‘felt the fear and did it anyway’ as they say. And man did it feel good!

There is still a ton to do, which I will mostly plug away at a little at a time, but I now have a functioning and beautiful creative space to work in, which makes me feel so much better inside. I get very stressed in chaotic environments.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the back story and the video. You’ll be seeing small changes to the studio over the next while… probably forever, cuz things will always be a changing and improving :)

Let me know if you like it and if you would like to tackle a project like this if you could. Do enjoy!

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Sneak Peek Of My New Polymer Clay Tutor Studio: Video #767

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